Re: TERRORISM: looking for solutions

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Wed Sep 12 2001 - 23:48:37 MDT

Joe Dees wrote:
> >From: Adrian Tymes <>

> >One of the better solutions I've heard today is to train the stewards
> >in security. Give them batons and tasers, normally concealed under
> >their uniforms (don't want to *look* threatening), and make sure they
> >know how to use them. The number of ways a passenger-turned-terrorist
> >can try to take over a plane is limited; most of them can probably be
> >programmed into simulators for training against. Main objective is to
> >prevent hijacking, but this might also be useful day-to-day in cases of
> >severe air rage.
> >
> This might work against a lone terrorist, but the cellphone calls
> that came from the planes indicated that there were as many as a
> half-dozen hijackers per plane.

Fine. There's *how* many stewards? And the stewards could gang up on
each terrorist, while the terrorists would have to disperse since
they're monitoring all the passengers.

BTW, to those who suggested guns: I suggested batons and tasers because
they don't punch holes in the aircraft hull...and they tend to be less
deadly to any hostages or other bodies that happen to get in the way.
Killing an enemy is not always the best way to remove the threat they

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