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Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 22:45:23 MDT

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>"Robert J. Bradbury" wrote:
>> As some of my posts to the list over the years have shown one of the
>> big problems I think we will face in the future is "trustability".
>> How do you trust that you will not be betrayed and/or damaged
>> by other entities whose inner workings you cannot verify.
>> So, in memory of today's sad events I would like to challenge the
>> members of the Extropian community to think long and hard about
>> what ways might be used to create innovative solutions to
>> terrorism that would increase trustability and personal security
>> without imposing restrictions on freedoms (in other words, please,
>> please lets not make it a debate about guns).
>One of the better solutions I've heard today is to train the stewards
>in security. Give them batons and tasers, normally concealed under
>their uniforms (don't want to *look* threatening), and make sure they
>know how to use them. The number of ways a passenger-turned-terrorist
>can try to take over a plane is limited; most of them can probably be
>programmed into simulators for training against. Main objective is to
>prevent hijacking, but this might also be useful day-to-day in cases of
>severe air rage.
This might work against a lone terrorist, but the cellphone calls that came from the planes indicated that there were as many as a half-dozen hijackers per plane.
>Once one airline does this, you wouldn't even have to legislate it.
>Just run a few (probably tasteless) ads on this - say, "As a special
>offer to those brave souls flying our competition, we offer to pay for
>one life insurance quote per flight."
>> But, people on the list have discussed before such things as ships
>> with atomic bombs entering major harbors. And of course I'm highly
>> aware of the damage that can be done by small bioweapons that are capable
>> of spreading themselves. Today's events apparently were in essence
>> predicted in a novel (perhaps by Tom Clancey?) a few years ago
>> involving a plane being crashed into the capitol building.
>> Why haven't we done anything about it? Can we come up with good
>> technological solutions?
>That orbital colony idea is looking better and better all the time...

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