Re: Massive attack of USA by terrorists

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Wed Sep 12 2001 - 08:37:51 MDT

>From: Miriam English <>

>I can see a *very* positive effect of not hitting back.
>If the US follow the trail to the culprits and bring them to
>justice legally USA would be seen as impeccably just and
>even-handed. They would remain the victim in the tragedy. Sympathy
>would be with USA and the poor civilians who suffered (and
>continue to suffer) from this terrible act.

This is not the way it is going to happen, this is not some silly
game. An act of war has been commited against the United States,
and as soon as we have a good idea of who did it, we're going after

>If, however, USA goes off half-cocked firing blindly at all comers
>then the pain of the people in the WTC will be overshadowed and,
>worldwide, less people will feel sympathy. Worse, those who get
>struck but were innocent will be the next round of terrorists to
>kill more US citizens.

The end result of upcoming actions should be to put a permanent end
to world terrorism. After we get done with the people responsible
for the attack, it would be a good idea to get together with other
nations who feel the same way.

>To avoid over-reaction would be to help defuse the whole thing,
>make everybody feel safer, and turn world opinion massively
>against the terrorists. The bad guys would lose in a big way. But
>it would have to be followed up with softening foreign policy. USA
>has done some despicable things around the world. Australia is no
>angel here either (Bougainville makes me moan).

The bad guys are all going to be dead. U. S. foreign policy will be
tougher after this, not softer.


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