Re: An apology - Re: Singularity: Can't happen here

From: Ralph Lewis (
Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 20:16:17 MDT

Mike again we agree. That would not be a moral or political decision I would
want to have to make in a few mts.

Again I have questions. American pilots at least used to be trained in air
maneuvers to force another plane to change direction, land etc.
Basically a combination of playing chicken and drafting the other plane to
deny air the engines as well as deny lift ability. Have we given up this
class of pilot training?

If so I think better pilot training is now called for.


At 09:50 PM 9/11/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>Ralph Lewis wrote:
>> The one plane that apparently was heading for Camp David never made it.
>> There have been rumors that it was shot down before it could make it.
>> Not that I expect the truth of something like this to ever come out. The
>> idea of Americans shooting down an American plane heading for the WTC might
>> be accepted by the American public. Shooting down an airliner that was
>> headed for some woods would never be acceptable under any circumstance I
>> could think of.
>According to the White House and the Pentagon much earlier today, that
>plane was not shot down by any military plane (the rumor claimed it was
>an F-16).
>Camp David is not a generally unpopulated area, and I think that given
>that we likely had no idea where that plane was heading, there was the
>possibility that it could hit a location with far more people in it, so
>eliminating that threat would be worth the less than 100 people aboard
>whose lives were already most certainly forfeit.

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