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Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 08:34:00 MDT

>From: "Zero Powers" <>

>>From: Brian D Williams <>

>>Being a handgun owner I cannot legally live in Chicago.

>Never heard that one before. Somehow I don't believe the various
>groups you belong to would sit still for any city ordinance that
>criminalized handgun ownership. I'm a handgun owner and I live in
>L.A. If I can do it here, I'm sure you can do it there.

No legally we can't.

In 1982 then Mayor Jane Byrne and the city council successfully
passed a law that said it was illegal to own an unregistered
handgun in Chicago. (they exempted themselves of course.)

Then the city promptly refused to register any new handguns.

Result? a de-facto handgun ban. Handguns have been completely
illegal in Chicago for almost 20 years.

Since the Supreme Court has consistently refused to hear Second
Amendment cases, lower courts have relied on previous bad
judgements to keep this in effect.

The millions who live in Chicago and own handguns are doing so

If I ever have sufficient funds I plan on hiring Jerry Spence and
battling this out.


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