Re: SOCIETY: Education is the key (was The privatization of public security in South America?)

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Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 21:26:07 MDT

At 05:15 PM 20/08/2001 -0700, Lee Corbin wrote:
>John Grigg wrote
> > MIT is in the process of putting the contents of almost all their
> classes onto
> > the net. I think this is a wonderful thing so people can not only
> explore the
> > topics, but "wade in" and see if they might ever handle the subject.
>I've got an even better idea! We all know that education is the key.
>We should forthwith open up in every city in America a number of
>places where people can come in and read almost any book for FREE.
>Not only that, but after proper licensing, they might take any of
>the materials home, and study to their hearts' content. While perhaps
>it wouldn't be appropriate to fund this at the national level, I very
>much favor local municipalities getting behind this idea.

Heheheheh :-)
Yep, Libraries have done much to help.

> > One thing to remember though, even having all this knowledge online, or
> even
> > offering free classes may not be enough. As discussed here earlier, some
> > people just do not have the intellectual power to do "top ten list"
> jobs in the
> > information age. Which is not to say they could at least fulfill whatever
> > limited potential they have.
>Education is all that the under class needs! If each person were to
>take full advantage of what would be available under my proposal,
>poverty and ignorance would be greatly reduced.

Absolutely. Every bit helps.
Project Gutenberg too
School, libraries, free info on websites, more, more...
The world is getting better.


         - Miriam

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