Re: SOCIETY: Education is the key (was The privatization of public security in South America?)

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 22:08:38 MDT

Lee Corbin wrote:
> John Grigg wrote
> > MIT is in the process of putting the contents of almost all their classes onto
> > the net. I think this is a wonderful thing so people can not only explore the
> > topics, but "wade in" and see if they might ever handle the subject.
> I've got an even better idea! We all know that education is the key.
> We should forthwith open up in every city in America a number of
> places where people can come in and read almost any book for FREE.
> Not only that, but after proper licensing, they might take any of
> the materials home, and study to their hearts' content. While perhaps
> it wouldn't be appropriate to fund this at the national level, I very
> much favor local municipalities getting behind this idea.

Why is this a better idea than being able to read and study
anything you want, whenever you want, from the convenience of
your own home? All it would take is some sufficient room in the
IP wars and a just a bit more cheap and ubiquitous hardware. We
are almost there now.

> > One thing to remember though, even having all this knowledge online, or even
> > offering free classes may not be enough. As discussed here earlier, some
> > people just do not have the intellectual power to do "top ten list" jobs in the
> > information age. Which is not to say they could at least fulfill whatever
> > limited potential they have.
> Education is all that the under class needs! If each person were to
> take full advantage of what would be available under my proposal,
> poverty and ignorance would be greatly reduced.

I disagree that education is all that is needed, unfortunately.
I am not sure about the malleability of adult brains and the
general equality of brains as far as general intelligence goes
doesn't seem to exist. SO how can education be all that is

- samantha

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