Re: Heresy

From: Simo Kilponen (
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 17:10:17 MDT

Even though I am relatively new to the list, I have to say that
I am somewhat amazed of the confussion the usage of these terms have caused.

I have always thought that the definition at is
"offical" and it says, as Natasha previously mentioned, that "trans"
in transhuman comes from "in transition" - phase between being human
and transhuman. As I understand this, any modifiement - now matter
how small - that works better than normal allows you to use the title.
This would then exclude contact lenses as they seldom improve one's vision beoynd normal.
Also, defines posthuman as something improved beoynd our
abilities to imagine, to a degree where we perhaps even couldn't apply the word
"human" to it.

But IF previous definitions aren't offical and usage of these terms isn't
clear, this discussion is very important. It is about the name of the philosophy
after all. I agree with Elizier that word transhuman has strong emotional effect so
overusage should be avoided but I think that distinction between a transhuman and
posthuman should also be clear. If the terms were understood as I mentioned,
I think both requirements would be filled - for now, that is.

But then, why couldn't this definition then also include memes? If transhumanist
attitude attitude somehow helps - and if improvements were available today,
it certainly would help to take advantage of them - this attitude would
also be an improvement - a self-acquired one - making you transhuman. And also,
judging from the difficulities most people have dealing with techno-optimism,
the word "beoynd human" would also apply as well. :)

        -Simo Kilponen

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