The "questionable search for immortality"

From: zeb haradon (
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 17:16:45 MDT

I read a short article today about Leon Kass, Bush's choice to head his
"bio-ethics" panel.
The explicitness and aware depth of his bio-ludditism is something I have
not seen before in the mainstream. Unfortunately, I think it's the beginning
of a sad trend. The URL:

>From the article:
According to a published account he told one recent medical ethics meeting
``the finitude of human life is a blessing for every individual, whether he
knows it or not.'' He has also expressed concern that so-called medical and
genetic ''enhancements'' are really part of a questionable search for
In a 1985 book ``Toward a More Natural Science'' he said society's
``dissection of cadavers, organ transplantation, cosmetic surgery, body
shops, laboratory fertilization, surrogate wombs, gender change surgery''
and the like were an attempt to insist on independence and autonomy ``with
little respect for the nature and meaning of bodily life.''

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