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Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 16:04:52 MDT

Eliezer wrote:
> I think that "transhuman" has inherent emotional impact regardless of
> the formal definition, and I don't think the emotional impact of
> "transhuman" can be safely weakened enough that "I am transhuman" will
> be interpreted as "I wear contact lenses" rather than "I am your
> evolutionary superior, foolish mortal".

And Natasha replied:
> Lastly, I do not consider mortals to be "foolish," but highly regard
> the human ability to overcome odds and to progress, regardless of
> those who hold onto the past. If you consider humans to be foolish,
> then this is an area to contemplate for your own communications skills
> and appreciation of humanity.

Natasha, calm down. ("If ... then this is an area to contemplate for your
own communications skills" sounds to me like it's intended as an insult.
It's unwarranted here.)

No one said anyone "considered humans to be foolish". Eliezer was trying
to tell you that he thinks people who say "I am a transhuman" sound to
non-extropians like they are are putting on airs. He doesn't think humans
are foolish and he doesn't think you do either. That's why it's worth
pointing out to you that that's what it might sound like to some people.
If you don't want them to hear that, you might consider different

If you disagree with him that anyone hears it that way, that's a different
thing you might argue with Eliezer about. If you think there aren't many,
or that the ones who do aren't worth considering, then you might bring
those facts up. (It's because I think that you will consider the opinions
of only a few members of the public to be important that I bring this up,
not because I think it likely that you will think it's good to ignore their


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