Re: Tolerance for Dissent on Extropians

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 08:04:20 MDT

>From: "Joe Dees" <>

>> Brian D Williams <>

>>As usual Joe your story keeps changing, first it was you that
>>received 1200 hostile emails in three days, now it was supposedly
>>the list that received such E-mails.
>>Everyone on this list knows no such event ever occurred.
>>You've been personally invited to join the exi-freedom list but
>>you never have, that's because what you would be missing is your
>>By the way, name-calling is against list rules.....

>I'm quite sure that the exi-freedom list is indeed free of dissent
>and ieologically monochromatic. But, on to the attack, for which
>I still hold bitter memories... First of all, many on the list
>know such an event DID occur; the public record of it is in the
>list archives, and during the e-siege I received several private
>emails of support from people who were terrorized to go public
>with such support (which was indeed, I believe, the intention).
>Many of the people who were present for it are still subscribed,
>and their memories have not failed them, whether or not thay have
>the courage to connect those memories to their fingers. Perhaps
>your gambit, Mr. NRA, is to re-marshall the original gang/pack and
>force a confrontational choice - toss the whole gang, or just toss
>me - hoping that numbers will trump the fairness and justice of
>who is objectively and provably correct in the matter.
>Thusly another droogie who was involved in the original
>perpetration chimes in; it's like deja vu redux.

<point of personnal privilege>

Joe, I welcome anyone checking the archives, your story (1200 e-
mails in three days) is a complete fabrication.

I went to considerable lengths onetime to post a list demonstrating
that there is an existing federal gun control law covering everyone
of your objections.

You decided to completely ignore this and go off on a rant about
gun shows instead.

You continue to rant, and name call when its been pointed out
numerous times this is against list rules.

Typical Joe Dees tactics. Your actions speak for themselves.

I saw something interesting in one of your other posts though, you
claim to be a former Veteran. Please elaborate, this will be an
easy thing to check.


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National Rifle Association,, 1.800.672.3888
SBC/Ameritech Data Center Chicago, IL, Local 134 I.B.E.W

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