Re: The Email Bombing Incident

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 07:22:25 MDT

Lee Corbin wrote:
> I am very curious about an historical event in which Joe Dees
> was the alleged victim of an email campaign. It has become
> unclear whether there was a "campaign" at all, or whether it
> was directed at his own personal email address (or a list to
> which he merely was subscribed), or to what degree people went
> in order to suppress dissenting views.
> (I myself would prefer that Mr. Joe Dees tell his story first,
> if he is so inclined, in non-partisan objective language.)
> And, if I'm not being insulting towards anyone with these
> requests (for which I do apologize), I would be very happy
> if all accounts were free of political partisan content,
> i.e., that no observer would be capable of determining
> who was liberal or who was conservative, or whatever.
> Needless to say, insulting terms like "droogies" or whatever,
> should be omitted when it's just the facts that should be
> foremost first.

Lee, Joe's alleged 'mailbomb campaign' was the same episode which I
described a few weeks ago, in which both Greg Burch and Max More agreed
with my recall of events. Where each person Joe disagreed with may have
sent a few or a few dozen messages, Joe took it upon himself to reply
repeatedly to EVERY person who posted something about firearms ownership
he disagreed with, and persisted in slandering each person's sanity,
criminality, manhood, sexuality, etc. If ANYONE here operated a mailbomb
campaign, it was Joe, which I think you will find the majority of this
list in agreement with me on.

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