RE: [Fwd: Claremont Institute Precepts: Planet of the Abes]

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 07:30:55 MDT

Why is this stuff on the Extropians List?

The Claremont Institute is not only a conservative organization, but it is
specifically a religious conservative organization. They believe that the
US was founded as a Christian nation. They reinterpret historical documents
to establish Christianity as the State Religion. They believe in a Natural
Law created by God, and want it enforced by congressional law. They provide
Pastor's Forums for political and legal training. They also provide
training for teachers and community leaders on the reinterpretation of
existing law with moral and religious meanings. They want to ban gays from
military, boy scouts and other organizations, because they violate this
Natural Law from God. They approve of government funding for faith-based
programs and want these program free to ban sinners and enforce a belief in
God and other alleged moral precepts of US government. They want to stop
all immigration and even want to deny citizenship to US-born children of

I don't see why this is posted to the Extropians List. Even for the
purported goal of fostering new thinking, it seems to be off-topic. Why
should we evaluate Lincoln and his "controversial" policies? Why should we
expose liberals as espousing a false history while touting conservatism as
the true historical basis of civilization? Why should we discuss natural
rights and the source of true morality?

Why does there seem to be an attempt to remake Extropians into a religious,
racist, radical right-wing movement? What does any of this stuff have to do
with Extropianism?

Harvey Newstrom <> <>

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