Re: White Male Discrimination

From: James Rogers (
Date: Tue Aug 07 2001 - 13:08:45 MDT

On 8/7/01 11:02 AM, "Olga Bourlin" <> wrote:

> From: "Brian D Williams" <>
>> There is current discrimination against white males, which we are
>> not going to ignore as we address these issues.
> Hey, I've read Warren Farrell, myself. Certain biases against men, women,
> ugly people, short people, fat people, poor people (and on and on and on)
> exist, and those are all different subjects in their own right (but cannot
> BEGIN to touch the subject of "white on black" racism that has existed in
> our country). As to the "any white male can tell you" - all right, let's
> start with the white alpha male currently residing in the White (no pun
> intended) House - can he tell me the terrible trials and tribulations he's
> gone through on his road to, I mean, on his road to the White
> House? I wonder. Wouldn't he qualify as an "any" male? Any white male,
> you say, huh? (Get serious!)


There actually are places in the U.S. where white people are overtly
discriminated against for the purest definitions of racism, though not many.
Specifically, if a white American has ever lived on an "Indian" reservation
and/or in an area that is predominantly native American, you will quickly
learn what it means to be the "nigger" of society. I'm talking about
blatant discrimnation and persecution by the local police and judicial
system, preferential consideration being given to people that aren't white,
as well as receiving generally poor treatment by the population at large.

Now, the vast majority of white people haven't lived in one of those areas,
but I have and it sucked. My naturally excessive ego allowed me to ignore
and cope with what was an otherwise depressing environment. In my
experience it was comparable to the worst of the backwater Mississippi towns
(going the other direction), having some experience with those locales as
well. Of course, all those places have one thing in common: they are
largely populated with small-minded twits.

-James Rogers

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