Re: White Male Discrimination and WWW Syndrome

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Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 16:25:04 MDT

I am on David Duke's ezine-type list. No discussion but you can send back
comments. As a philosopher-psychologist with half of his career spent in
clinical work, I had to coin "WWW Syndrome" for what I was
observing. "Whining White Wussy" syndrome. Also, WWW fits the never-ending
vocalizations of these people...waaaa, waaaa, waaaaaaa! Come on guys, buck
up. If you don't like the culture as it is, design your own.

On Tue, 7 Aug 2001, James Rogers wrote:

> On 8/7/01 11:02 AM, "Olga Bourlin" <> wrote:
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> >> There is current discrimination against white males, which we are
> >> not going to ignore as we address these issues.
> >
> > Hey, I've read Warren Farrell, myself. Certain biases against men, women,
> > ugly people, short people, fat people, poor people (and on and on and on)
> > exist, and those are all different subjects in their own right (but cannot
> > BEGIN to touch the subject of "white on black" racism that has existed in
> > our country). As to the "any white male can tell you" - all right, let's
> > start with the white alpha male currently residing in the White (no pun
> > intended) House - can he tell me the terrible trials and tribulations he's
> > gone through on his road to, I mean, on his road to the White
> > House? I wonder. Wouldn't he qualify as an "any" male? Any white male,
> > you say, huh? (Get serious!)
> Anecdotal.
> There actually are places in the U.S. where white people are overtly
> discriminated against for the purest definitions of racism, though not many.
> Specifically, if a white American has ever lived on an "Indian" reservation
> and/or in an area that is predominantly native American, you will quickly
> learn what it means to be the "nigger" of society. I'm talking about
> blatant discrimnation and persecution by the local police and judicial
> system, preferential consideration being given to people that aren't white,
> as well as receiving generally poor treatment by the population at large.
> Now, the vast majority of white people haven't lived in one of those areas,
> but I have and it sucked. My naturally excessive ego allowed me to ignore
> and cope with what was an otherwise depressing environment. In my
> experience it was comparable to the worst of the backwater Mississippi towns
> (going the other direction), having some experience with those locales as
> well. Of course, all those places have one thing in common: they are
> largely populated with small-minded twits.
> -James Rogers

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