Re: Lexx Physics: Was Olber again (was: Re: Big Bang is Bunk)

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 16:56:29 MDT

"Mitchell, Jerry (3337)" wrote:
> > This is another one of the ignorant 'free lunch' claims that can't pan
> > out. Matter that falls into a black hole isn't 'crushed out of
> > existence'. Its mass adds to the gravitational field of the
> > black hole.
> > Thus in a universe of infinite age, some proportion of black
> > holes would
> > have infinite mass, and would thus cause the infinite universe to
> > destroy itself.
> It cant get infinite mass without being fed an infinite amount of matter or
> energy.

If it has been in existence for infinite time (as some would, since the
universe is claimed to be of infinite age), then it would have absorbed
infinite matter.

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