Lexx Physics: Was Olber again (was: Re: Big Bang is Bunk)

From: Mitchell, Jerry (3337) (Jerry.Mitchell@esavio.com)
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 10:22:27 MDT

> This is another one of the ignorant 'free lunch' claims that can't pan
> out. Matter that falls into a black hole isn't 'crushed out of
> existence'. Its mass adds to the gravitational field of the
> black hole.
> Thus in a universe of infinite age, some proportion of black
> holes would
> have infinite mass, and would thus cause the infinite universe to
> destroy itself.

It cant get infinite mass without being fed an infinite amount of matter or

Off topic, this kind of actually happens on the sci-fi channel show Lexx
(Fridays 10pm est). Don't know how many of you watch this, but its got some
very interesting concepts thrown around. i.e.

In one episode, the main stars are being pursued by some maniac that creates
the equivalent of macroscopic "gray goo". He's made these machines that eat
planets and make copies of themselves. The bad guy finally converts all the
matter in the universe into the machines except for the main characters and
their spaceship "Lexx". He tells his machines to go after them and kill
them, but in doing so, he makes too much matter move too quickly and
collapses the universe a split second after the heroes escape through a
wormhole into another universe.

Another interesting one: The crew of the Lexx discover Earth. The robot on
board reports that it is a typical class 13 planet, mostly doomed due to
nuclear, biological, or nanotechnilogical disaster, but that most likely,
they will destroy their selves chasing the Higgs-Boson particle...
accidentally creating a growing black hole that will consume the planet.

Gotta admit, any show where a universe is destroyed in a non-sweeps week
episode, HAS to be pretty cool :)

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