How to keep'em off Your Couch!

Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 12:00:14 MDT

A. D. Wright Tells How to Get Into People's Homes and on their Couch:

---------------------------------------------------------------------------"I limit my first visit to 15 minutes. It is not good to stay longer, because a first impression is often a lasting one, and the purpose is not to wear out your welcome but to get a study appointment. "


 First, give the zealous knock.
 Give an enthusiastic handshake. A handshake gives a message. That is why politicians use it with profit.
 Here is what I say next: "I would like to come in and visit with you," is because the word "I" or "We" is direct and positive. It is hard to say "No" to this approach. This seems to bring success in getting into the house. Always watch for things that indicate that it is not a convenient time.


Do not lean back on the couch, but sit on the edge. "Well," you may say, "Brother Wright, this is so elementary and silly" No, it is not. Let me explain why:

First of all, you are wanting to get an appointment for a Bible study. You must make a good Christian impression. I cannot over-emphasize this. When you lean back on the couch and cross your legs, this makes you too personal with people the first time you have met them. Now, with the good knock, firm handshake, sitting on the edge of the couch, with a good Christian outlook, wearing a tie, a clean shirt, suit, and shoes that are shined. teeth brushed and a nice hair cut, you have made a real Christian impression on the people. Your chances of getting a study appointment are better.


 Do not talk about how tired you are. This gives the idea that you did not want to come.
 Avoid controversial subjects, if possible.
 Do not prescribe remedies or try to make diagnoses if your prospect is ill.
 Be enthusiastic about Jesus. Show them that Christians are the happiest people in the world.
 Always wear a smile. if you do not smile you look unhappy.
 Talk with kindness and love for everyone present. Be positive.
 Above all, be tender-hearted. You cultivate this by giving yourself to Jesus and His church.
What To Talk About During Social Moments In The Home:

 Always talk about the lovely children, if there are children in the family.
 Say nice things about the wife and husband.
 Comment on the nice house.
 Their car, yard, garden, flowers, etc., are important.
 Most of all, thank them for permitting you to come into their home.



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