RE: `capitalist' character values: correction

From: Barbara Lamar (
Date: Sun Jul 29 2001 - 20:06:08 MDT

I wrote:

> I didn't mean to imply that the ancestors of the Karankawas discovered the
> way to immortality. "Ancestors" should have been "descendents." Barbara

and Spike wrote:

<Ah, but your original statement is true if the corrected version is true.
If there are any Karankawas living today and the mother of any one
of them survives the childbirth, then the Karankawas have ancestors
living now.>

I agree with your If statement, Spike. But the original post also contained
the statement that the Karankawa people had been exterminated. Thus, any
descendents living today wouldn't actually be Karankawas, though they'd have
genes passed down through the Karankawas. (this is the sort of discussion I
often get into with my teenaged daughter, who won't let me get away with ANY
inconsistency! :-)


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