Re: `capitalist' character values: correction

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Jul 29 2001 - 22:16:48 MDT

> and Spike wrote:
> <Ah, but your original statement is true if the corrected version is true.
> If there are any Karankawas living today and the mother of any one
> of them survives the childbirth, then the Karankawas have ancestors
> living now.>
> Barbara Lamar wrote: I agree with your If statement, Spike. But the original
> post also contained
> the statement that the Karankawa people had been exterminated...

Oh, but now I *disagree* with my IF statement, for the *mother*
who survived could have been non-Karankawan and the *father* could
have perished 9 months *before* the birth of the last remaining Karankawan,
so a Karankawan *could* exist with no living ancestors.

So now I think we have beaten this gag beyond recognition. {8-] spike

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