Re: Miriam, don't tell that to a certain writer here... : )

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Sat Jul 21 2001 - 07:21:15 MDT

John M Grigg wrote:
> Miriam wrote:
> > Just bought the 4th Harry Potter book, all 600 pages of it. Delightful series that I heartily recommend :-)
> And I bet Damien Broderick really liked you up till now!! lol But, if you read Ender's Game he could consider that a partial penance. Or perhaps you will have to read all of Damien's works and then publicly burn your Harry Potter series in the street
> The poor man sees that series on display everywhere and it just vexes his soul horribly! Damien sees those books as stealing vital space where other and perhaps finer literature could be promoted.

I have to agree with Damien. For similar reasons, I've boycotted all the
Star Trek, Star Wars, and assorted Fantasy series that take up so much
space at the book stores. I've even read the store managers down for not
just having the bad taste and ignorance to mix SF and Fantasy, but of
including these garbage series to begin with. Doing so demonstrates that
there is nobody who actually READS running the bookstore, that its just
some bean counting floozy in corporate HQ deciding what to send based on
what deal they get bribed with by the publishers...

For example, I have not seen a single work by Damien Broderick on store
shelves around here since I bought _The White Abacus_ 4 years ago or so.
Its difficult to find Egan and many other more skilled writers. Card is
the exception though, he does get shelf space, though generally much
more for his fantasy novels than for his SF.

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