Miriam, don't tell that to a certain writer here... : )

From: John M Grigg (starman125@lycos.com)
Date: Fri Jul 20 2001 - 22:26:36 MDT

Miriam wrote:
Hmmm... Enders Game... book? Orson Scott Card? I'll get it if you think it is a good'un. Even though I have plenty of fiction reading at the moment. Just bought the 4th Harry Potter book, all 600 pages of it. Delightful series that I heartily recommend :-)

But that's a whole other thread to avoid getting into.

Hehehe :-)

And I bet Damien Broderick really liked you up till now!! lol But, if you read Ender's Game he could consider that a partial penance. Or perhaps you will have to read all of Damien's works and then publicly burn your Harry Potter series in the street.

The poor man sees that series on display everywhere and it just vexes his soul horribly! Damien sees those books as stealing vital space where other and perhaps finer literature could be promoted.

If I were Australian I would try to nudge him out of his home to see the eagerly anticipated Harry Potter film. I suspect I might be badly beaten in the process! ; )

best wishes,


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