RE: the meme war --> slogans

From: Reason (
Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 16:57:19 MDT

--> Michael Hubbard
> Better bodies through technology

I'm in favor of slogans that are close enough to existing widely known
slogans to gain additional resonant effect from them. It makes it easier for
people to recall yours. So in the fine tradition of advertising creativity
the world over, I'd suggest adaptation before creation.

As for my contribution: "Fight Aging!"

Resonant, simple, to the point. And the .org was available up until a few
minutes ago :) I'd been meaning to pick that up for a while, actually.

Since people can't avoid being political, and I don't want the Longevity
Meme involved in legislative or political advocacy, I may as well have a
cover organization for the political and legislative aspects of the fight
against aging.


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