Re: The Extropian Religious War--thank you

From: L B (
Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 10:18:55 MDT

> >Do you think a few minor skirmishes of words are a
> "war"?

I am not referring to the minor skirmishes you are
talking about. I rahter enjoy a minor skirmish. But
there was som slashing going on and I don't know what
contact to take it in. Are you all just kidding when
you threaten to block someone's address just because
you don't want to hear what they have to say or to
punish them? I don't recall who did this--had to get
rid of a lot of these emails, getting very jammed. If
so, it did not come across that way, I repeat, did

So if it was all in jest, fine, but there was a lot of
fur flying.

> >righteousness?

This is very extreme, but I understand your point. My
point is we have better things to do.
> >
> >It is this foolishness and needless polarization
> that I wished
> >to bring to examination.

I did not polarize. I think it was J.R. Malloy who was
so angry with ME Smith, but I'm not sure. Anyway, the
polarization began there. If we are going to make this
extropian life work, the hours we spent regarding this
issue with such heat could have been spent more

If I am mistaken, I apologize.
> Thank you Samantha for some lucid thinking on this
> thread. I agree with
> almost all posts except those whose aim is to
> chastise religion,
> spirituality or the church. (How many is that? -:))

I am with you, although I do not agree with chastising
atheism or anti-theism.

People who go to church,
> people who value ideas other
> than extropian ideas, people who have a desire or
> need for spirituality are
> not backward and unintelligent. Many are creative
> and highly intelligent
> and who simply see things a different way because of
> deeply ingrained
> belief systems, early imprinting, fear of the
> unknown, social conditioning,
> professional affiliation, or simply like the music,
> atmosphere and wine.

So it doesn't matter if it is debunked or not,
> Unless and until those who petition their particular
> religions views to
> impede the direction, progress and accomplishments
> of extropian
> transhumanist views, the only war is within the
> domain of rigidity.

How true. This rigidity spills over into atheist
views, just in the opposite way. There is a rigid
following of almost any charismatic magnet, science,
rock and roll, satanism, politics and many other
subgroups of humanity also being attractive belief

Examination is wonderful. Let's do this instead of
fight and waste time. Time is what we are seeking more
of, and high quality time, if I am not mistaken. That
is what I got out of the extropian principles.

If I am mistaken, again I apologize.

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