chess and extro5

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Jul 08 2001 - 18:31:03 MDT

Lee Corbin wrote:

> I played in tournaments from about age 15 through
> age 40, and got up to 2280 at one point; when
> I stopped, about ten years ago, I was 2207.

HOly schlaMOLY, Lee, I have treated you with
insufficient respect! My apologies, master! Crimony
2280! I play well enough to indicate a seriously
misspent youth, but not THAT misspent. I topped
out in the very low expert range, or really high A-ish.

> or maybe it shows that my interests drifted, I am
> not sure. Are you able to play much?

I gave it up too, about 8 yrs ago. Too much going
on in my life.

> Ever go to
> chess clubs (there is a great Campbell club in our
> area)?

I think the one you are talking about is the invitation-
only club? I got invites twice. First time I was having
a so-so night and got my butt kicked several times. Second
time I was sooooo ON, very hot that night, played a
FIDE master twice, 25ers, drew both times, then I
was quite SURE my mother was calling, so I left on
that note. Quickly. He was either having a bad night
or really wasnt trying. {8^D

Craig Mar was there, and of course everyone was
treating him like a god. Like Mar, I could have easily
become a philosophy/chess/mathematics bum, and perhaps
I would have been happier. But the society which had
the burden of supporting my habit would be less happy.

Sahsa Chislenko was interested in chess. We were going
to rattle off some 5ers at Extro4, but Shelly had the 4-wheeler,
so I had to take the bike, so I didnt have my board, and it
never happened, to my eternal regret.

> Did you get any games in at Extro-5?

Even more than E4, Extro5 went by in a hyperactive
blur. I have never been so cheerfully exhausted as I was the
Tuesday after. By extrapolation, I suspect that the
extro conferences will never be a good place to play
chess, discuss mathematics or anything of the sort.
There is just too much going on, too many fascinating
conversations going on, too many fun people gathered
in one spot. Let us not assume a chess match at any
future extropian gathering.

> (I couldn't make it :-( ) Lee

I pity you. It was one hellll of a good time, and I heard
enough ideas there to keep me busy for months to come.
It would have been worth it just to sit quietly and listen
to Anders Sandberg and Eliezer debate the singularity.
Even more than the extrolist, the extropian gatherings
are the ultimate idea-firehose. Dont miss the next one. spike

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