RE: Resentment

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Sun Jul 08 2001 - 11:35:13 MDT

Spike writes,

> Heres how we work this: set up a pool that anyone can
> contribute whatever amount they want. Then at the end of
> the month we distribute it evenly among all who want a share
> of this guaranteed income.

Brilliant! None of the charities are doing this;
and it would play a wonderful role in getting
everyone to think about the advantages and
disadvantages of true charity. You really ought
to have some smart cookies with a lot of experience
in charge, so that they can dish out the goodies
proportionally over the year, to even out the
fluctuations (the contributions could fall off after
the initial surge). Of course, all proceeds would
be public, perhaps announced as often as the DOW
averages are.

> Note the guarantee only applies to the share,
> not the actual amount. How much do you
> suppose that amount would be? spike

My guess is that you could get most of America's
workers to sign up for ten dollars a month. And
since workers outnumber recipients about, what?,
say three to one, then that would be only about
thirty dollars a month. Not much for people with
rent to pay, but the homeless would sure appreciate
it, and I'm sure that we could get their ranks to
swell a bit.

How much do you think the amount might be?

> You play [chess]? Cool, we should do some email
> chess. Cool, where were you at E5? Have an rating?
> I meant in chess, not in carousing. {8^D

I played in tournaments from about age 15 through
age 40, and got up to 2280 at one point; when
I stopped, about ten years ago, I was 2207. I am
afraid that I am all "chess-ed out", although it
sure would be fun to watch you play another extropian
some time! My god, I even found that five-minute is
boring now (!!!) --- that just shows what can happen
when you spend too many decades doing the same thing,
I suppose;
or maybe it shows that my interests drifted, I am
not sure. Are you able to play much? Ever go to
chess clubs (there is a great Campbell club in our
area)? Rated? Did you get any games in at Extro-5?
(I couldn't make it :-( )


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