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Re: [isml] StarLink Bio-Corn Found in White Corn Products - Post (fwd)

> Sure, because you know enough to make informed choices, you are not
> intimidated by long latin-derived scientific words. Nor do you blindly
> accept what the media and left wing groups spout as gospel. The problem
> is that a large number of people do, and repeat it enough that such
> garbage eventually becomes 'common knowledge'. The average consumer
> would not understand enough of the debate to make rational informed
> choices because they don't have the scientific skills to do so, and will
> instead rely on who makes them most fearful for the safety and health of
> their family.

In general, I dare say, if our economy shifted from a reward oriented society (where one seeks to
maximise control of resources and power), to a compensation oriented one (where one receives
reimbursiment for contributing useful to the society), then we would not have this problem. Such a
society will allow people to pursue their interests and research without worrying about having to
feed themselves, or their families.

With a system of full disclosure so that people can conduct research that builds on each other's
insights and discoveries, we would have no problems with full disclosure. This would resemble the
concept of "open source" as applied to an entire society.

I do not intend to create a utopia, but merely a society more acceptable to rational people than the
current, primitive ones we have on Earth. Of course, such a society will also face its limitations.
For instance, people of this society must have the capability to act rationally and the bona fide
intention to do so. However, I do have some possible solutions for how to overcome these

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