Re: [isml] StarLink Bio-Corn Found in White Corn Products - Post (fwd)

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 06:31:12 MDT

Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> Yes, I have spoken for labeling myself. I fear allowing other people to
> make scientific choices for me. I often find myself in a scientific
> minority. Let's face it, cryonics, life-extension drugs, life-extending
> diets, AI computing, and nanotechnology are controversial issues. Many
> scientists would gladly override our choices in these matters because they
> do not believe we are scientifically correct. I would rather have full
> documentation, and then I will make my own choice.

Sure, because you know enough to make informed choices, you are not
intimidated by long latin-derived scientific words. Nor do you blindly
accept what the media and left wing groups spout as gospel. The problem
is that a large number of people do, and repeat it enough that such
garbage eventually becomes 'common knowledge'. The average consumer
would not understand enough of the debate to make rational informed
choices because they don't have the scientific skills to do so, and will
instead rely on who makes them most fearful for the safety and health of
their family.

If you are going to provide full documentation, you cannot leave it in
the hands of the average teacher to tell you and your kids what that
documentation means, as we saw so plainly in Stossel's last broadcast.

> I don't trust the tobacco industry to tell me if cigarettes are safe for me.
> I don't trust the meat industry to tell me if mad cow disease is a concern
> for me. I don't trust the auto manufacturers to tell me if my RV might flip
> over. I don't trust software manufacturers to tell me if their product has
> bugs. Frankly, I don't trust anybody with a large cash incentive to lie to
> me. Open documentation with independent verification is the only safety
> protocol that works.

And I don't trust groups with agendas that imply the extermination of
90% of the human race to achieve, which IS what groups like the Greens,
PETA, and other primitivists will require to achieve their agendas. I
don't trust the NEA to fully inform the kids. I don't trust the media to
accurately communicate this information. They would stage the end of the
world if it meant a quarter of top ratings.

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