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Date: Wed Jul 04 2001 - 10:49:42 MDT

--- Spike Jones <> wrote:
> Lee Corbin wrote:
> > One of the best effects of the technical
> revolution, at
> > least here in California, has been the way that
> achievement
> > in school has been transformed into something
> naturally
> > admired by huge numbers of kids. Lee Corbin
> Lee, I couldn't have said it better. This seems
> like the
> biggest change from when I was growing up. In those
> times there seemed to be an *active*
> anti-intellectualism,
> or rather an anti-technology feeling, perhaps having
> something to do with the conflict in Vietnam.
> I have pondered this and welcome any comments on the
> topic. Recall the protest movement at Kent State U
> with
> the shootings, etc. Along with the reviled ROTCs,
> the
> engineering students were treated with distrust, for
> many
> of them had short hair and tended to lean to the
> right.

I was growing up in Toledo at the time, and had
friends among both the protesters and the intellectual
groups who didn't have time for protest. Generally, it
seemed that anything that had to do with the
"establishment", including intellectualism, was
anti-freedom and elitist as well as pro-war. So if one
would oppose the war and be "in" with the protesters,
one had better not be among the intellectuals. One had
better be simply a militant of another kind. I am sure
there were gray areas in this, but I said I was
speaking generally.

I did not like "belonging" to either group because it
excluded the other. Sometimes there was as much war
going on here as in the little country of cute yellow
> I think part of the resentment towards
> techies in
> the early 70s may have been misguided luddite
> notions.

I couldn't agree more. Those who harbored the
resentment also heard things at home like, "computers
will take away jobs from humans and take over the
world" and other reactionary BS, so it had the backing
of the previous generation to some degree. Although
they meant well for all humanity, the misguided ones
were too closed-minded to really have a global view of


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