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<<It depends what you mean by 'recovering'. If you mean by recovering,
<<"extract some information regarding the dust particle's source and
<<the environment through which the particle travels", the answer
<<is 'yes'....

<<No. Dust doesn't have DNA, i.e. it has no blueprint for making
<<a living entity.

<< So you see, Mitch, no magic physics and no Jupiter brain necessary.
<< And remember what I said to Robert: the lifetimes of the particles
<<are on the order of tens or hundreds of thousands of years, so it's
<< not really possible (yet) to extrapolate back in time before that.
<<Plus, once we figure out better how to handle fractal-shaped
<<particles, the problem gets considerably more complicated.
<<Hope that this clarified things a bit.
 Amara >>

Your summation was really fascinating, Amara, and richly, detailed! It will
take time to intellectually, digest the information provided, and attempt to
digest implications of what you have patiently, explained.

Regarding DNA, I have abandoned the notion that one requires DNA to
reestablish a human personality and memory pattern, only if, a Hyperclass
Mind was to re-create this "pattern" within a massively, complex simulation.
You might wish to contact Roboticist, Hans Moravecı, at Carnegie Mellon
University, concerning your views dust and information, as he has
conjectured, on how a future Uber-Mind, might re-create the "past". At least
you would be conversing with a peer and not a peon, such as moi. At any rate,
thanks for the clarification, it was terrific!


ıMind Children(1988)

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