TWA800 Witnesses Speak Out

From: Ian Goddard (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 01:57:30 MDT

    TWA FLIGHT 800 crash witnesses fed up with the official
    investigation formed the "TWA 800 Eyewitness Alliance,"
     which published a full-page ad in the Washington Times
     today demanding that the government tell the truth
     about the crash. In bold-face type they proclaim:


   ... We, the eyewitnesses know that missiles were involved.
   We don't know who launched them, but we know that for some
   reason our government has lied and tried to discredit all
   of us to keep that question from being addressed. ... The
   claim that our evidence is worthless is false and we want
   to know who is behind it. Hundreds of us SAW what happened.
   The FBI, the CIA and the NTSB must not be allowed to get
   away with this cover-up by defamation of the eyewitnesses."

   See Full Ad:

   IAN: It's funny how the media and assorted defenders of
   the official investigation tried to lead folks to believe
   that those of us who were trying to make witness accounts
   known were misrepresenting the accounts by our suggesting
   that the witnesses saw or even thought they saw a missile.
   Yet another defense of officialdom to the scrap heap.

   It was shortly after the crash, after I'd interviewed
   several witnesses that I realized there was something
   here. Each of these people who I contacted based on
   their names reported in the media was telling me about
   the same thing, about a rocket that rose from a low
   elevation fairly close to shore and that flew out to
   sea, headed south, trailing smoke in its path. That
   flight path was at 90 degrees to Flight 800's path,
   so it could not be Flight 800. The rocket ended in
   a small explosion -- the initial crash event. When
   I accumulated all witness accounts from which a line-
   of-sight could be established, I found that the rocket
   that they observed came from the same area, and the area
   was not the same as the crash. I then triangulated those
   accounts . Even
   the accounts from which reliable line-of-sight could not
   be established were looking in the same general area. Not
   long thereafter retired Navy crash investigator Commander
   William Donaldson published his own triangulation of many
   more accounts than I had and his were based on interviews
   on location. His triangulated close-to-shore launch site
   is almost the same, one or two miles off my triangulation: With the
   release of the NTSB report we discovered that the FBI had
   also triangulated missile-witness accounts and the FBI had
   triangulated accounts to virtually the same close-to-shore
   location both Donaldson and I independently determined: . These
   accounts are a human recording of what happened.

   TWA Flight 800 Eyewitness Databases:

Asking the "wrong questions," challenging the Official Story


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