Re: IP was: My Extropian Manifesto...

From: Max Møller Rasmussen (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 01:49:46 MDT


>The only way a ISP could guarantee that illegal activity was not going on
is to
>shut down, exactly the same it true of the phone company.

>bill the software author for all royalties unpaid as a result of people
>using his/her software.

>I know of no software that can only be used illegally, I know of no
>that can only be used legally. Are you going to jail the maker of a word
>program because somebody used it to write a ransom note?

I was not saying that my above list of ideas are good. But shurely every
public system can be traced. (Personal sharing between people that knows
each other can probably be keept secret. But that would be a rather small
problem for the IP industry.) If anonymous remailers are used, just make it
illegal to use anonymous remailers. If the law is stupid and brutal enough
piracy CAN be stopped. In a democracy we will shurely not want such
draconian laws, but that does not mean that they cannot be made or enforced.

That was the only point i tried to make.

Regards Max M Rasmussen (Denmark)

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