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From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 13:41:37 MDT

Yes, and Chinese schoolbooks still claim that tiger bones and rhino horns are
good for longevity and as aphrodesiacs. Now, its fun to poke fun at them, as
well as take them seriously when its profitable (I know that there are many
Puget Sound indians who are now heavy into scuba diving to harvest geoduck clams
from the deep mud of the Sound just because the meat of their heads (which
resemble three to six foot long penises) sells for $50-200 a lb in Tokyo and
Peking), its rather glaring proof that the claims of all these western buddhists
that the eastern peoples are the wisest and most advanced civilization, etc. are
quite bogus..

> scerir wrote:
> DINOSAURS were not wiped out by a meteorite or a planetary catastrophe but by
> a serious flatulence problem, according to a Chinese news report. The report,
> cited last week by BBC News Online, comes from the China Youth Daily. In 1991
> Associated Press attributed the idea to geochemist Simon Brassell; this time
> it's an unnamed French scientist.
> The problem was apparently the amount of methane expelled by the
> dinosaurs--enough to blast a hole in the ozone layer. This in turn damaged
> terrestrial vegetation and caused a food shortage which ended the dinosaurs'
> reign.
> "The animals, weighing from 80 to 100 tonnes, would eat on average between 130
> and 260 kilos of food every day. They would fart non-stop," the Chinese paper
> tells its surprised readers.
> (from the New Scientist)

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