Re: Dinosaurs....

From: Zero Powers (
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 15:53:48 MDT

>From: "scerir" <>
>DINOSAURS were not wiped out by a meteorite or a planetary catastrophe but
>by a serious flatulence problem, according to a Chinese news report.


>"The animals, weighing from 80 to 100 tonnes, would eat on average between
>130 and 260 kilos of food every day. They would fart non-stop," the Chinese
>paper tells its surprised readers.

Oh great. I finally get my kids to comprehend how a rock falling from space
could wipe out all the dinosaurs. Now I have to explain how farting is a
danger to the planet?!? Sheesh, guess that means we're going to have to cut
way down on our garlic intake ;)


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