"Good Shot"?

From: Ian Goddard (igoddard@erols.com)
Date: Sun Aug 06 2000 - 18:57:38 MDT

One minute the Waco gunshot issue seemed resolved, the next...

   The following webpage contains compelling evidence
   of gunfire either at or from Mt Carmel during the
   April 19, 1993 fire, which I've just discovered on
   a tape known as the "FBI SWAT-team videotape." I've
   provided a sound file so that you can hear and judge
   this evidence for yourself. This tape was recorded
   from sniper nest Sierra-3, about 100 yards from Mt
   Carmel. First you'll hear the apparent crack of
   a gunshot followed by one or two people that
   say "GOOD SHOT" then "GOOD SHOT" again:


   After that you hear a voice that comes in over a
   police-type radio at the sniper's nest that says:
   "We have rounds cooking off or shots being fired."
   That speaker is apparently at another location.
   Please download and save that sound file. There
   is a lot of background noise, so listen closely,
   and you'll want to listen to it several times.
   I often experience distortions on first runs
   of this clip while hearing it via my browser,
   so be sure to listen to it more than once.

   A Brief Overview of The Evidence Presented Above

   Perhaps the most dedicated Waco researcher I've ever
   known was Richard Sanford, a retired nuclear physicist
   and fellow founding member of the Committee for Waco
   Justice (CWJ). [*] It was a great loss to us all when
   Richard died of a sudden heart attack last week, on
   July 25th. Richard's fiancee donated to the CWJ all
   of Richard's Waco files including the FBI SWAT-team
   video examined at the webpage above, which Richard
   acquired a few years ago from attorney Linda Thompson,
   who acquired it from the government in a FOIA release.

   The FBI SWAT-team video was made by an agent who brought
   his own camcorder to the Waco scene and from sniper nest
   Sierra-3 he taped the Mount Carmel Center as it burned.
   As I viewed the full tape a few days ago for the first
   time, while the fire is seen burning I heard what sounds
   like the sharp crack of a gunshot followed by one or two
   people that say "good shot" and then "good shot" again,
   the second time even louder and clearer than the first.
   Wow! Here we have a tape from a known sniper nest and
   in the background we hear what clearly appears to be
   a gunshot followed by people saying "Good shot." The
   easiest explanation is also the most disturbing.
   A range of possible explanations are explored:


   There are other apparent gunshots heard a few moments
   after the shot discussed above, and those shots were
   presented in Linda Thompson's video "Waco II: The Big
   Lie Continues," and they can be heard at this website:


   About those gunshots, Linda Thompson says: "Listen to
   the FBI SWAT-team tape as the fire burns. Shots can be
   heard from nearby and echoing off the house. That means
   shots were being fired at the house, not from the house."

   [*] The Committee For Waco Justice:

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