Re: Ghost in the Shell

Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 18:36:14 MDT

In a message dated 27/07/00 18:46:21 GMT Standard Time,

> Last night I watched a japanimation called Ghost in the Shell (for the
> fourth time). Stuffed with cool transhumanist themes and existentialism.
> It occurred to me just now to recommend this to those who haven't
> experienced it.

    For those of you in th UK , next week on the SCI-FI channel its
Japanimation week.
one of the anime films they are playing is Ghost in the Shell. I don't know
what day it is on , but you can bet it will be late at night.
    I've always loved japanimation films, They all tend to have alot of
transhumanist elements and generally learn toward the *For* side. Ghost in
the shell is a pretty good example.
    It's not really supprising considering the technological dependence of
Japan. Do we have any Japanese Extropians ?.


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