Re: The Future of Music (was: Re: e-book pricing)

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 18:44:26 MDT

Brian D Williams wrote:
> From: "Michael S. Lorrey" <>
> >Ross's idea is sound, where people have legally purchased copies
> >of their music downloaded to their system. If they want to make it
> >available to all (and make some money off of late return fees),
> >they need to use an app that not only uploads the single copy of
> >the music to the library server, but maintains some sort of
> >'overlord' log of all activity using that music file on the
> >persons system, so they could not upload it to the library if
> >there is a record of them retaining a copy on a backup tape, CDR,
> >floppy, etc. The app would allow them to 'check out' music files
> >that are properly licensed, and the library server can only allow
> >as many downloads as it has legal licenses for. Users that don't
> >return the files they downloaded on time pay late fees, which are
> >split between the library server company and whoever purchased the
> >original file and made it available to the public on the server
> >(which could be the server company, a music listener, or even the
> >artist or his recording company). In this case, an artist or
> >recording company could presumably make 1000 licenses available to
> >the server library, and make money off of late fees. Users that
> >incur late fees are given the option by email to either return the
> >music, pay the late fees to hold onto the music for x amount of
> >time, or buy the music license outright.
> >THIS could potentially be a money making dot com idea, although I
> >am concerned about news that Napster has distributed its server
> >source code over the net and others are now setting up their own
> >servers elsewhere to run independent of Napster and US Courts.
> This is all related to some ideas I had several years ago.
> Everybody was entranced with the idea of video-on-demand, and I
> thought they had overlooked a much easier and possibly more
> profitable idea, music-on-demand.

I have a buddy right now who is interested in backing initial development of
such a project to the tune of about $50,000.00. Anyone interested in doing
development work on this???

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