Re: e-book pricing

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 22:03:37 MDT

At 04:22 PM 25/07/00 -0400, Mike wrote:

>According to the news, of the 34,000 people who have downloaded
>[King's story] so far, about 75% have already paid by credit card, and
they don't
>know how many people are using the method for paying by mail yet.

Do you pay more than your $1-for-Mr-King to do this? I.e., is there a
service charge of 25 cents (or whatever) debited to your credit card
account? Or is that absorbed at King's end? (I'm not sure how it's done in
Oz, but I buying stuff in stores by card doesn't cost the purchaser more
than paying in cash - it just holds up everyone else waiting in the fast
service lane as the would-be-purchaser keys in the PIN number three times
incorrectly, and the card is checked for felonious use, blood type, number
of toes...)

Damien Broderick

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