Re: Re e-book pricing

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 14:22:09 MDT

Brian D Williams wrote:
> From: Lee Daniel Crocker <>
> >> The problem with the ebook is that you cant go from ebook files
> >> to microsloth word files. Or is this not correct? spike
> >Most of what publishers are calling "ebooks" these days are in
> >stupid encrypted files with special readers that aren't very "e"
> >at all--they can't even be read in speech browsers or with
> >your visual settings, and they can't be searched, indexed, or
> >linked. Out-of-copyright books are generally available as plain
> >text (and therefore usable), as are a few selected books like
> >Engines of Creation and The Ultimate Resource. King's new book
> >is somewhere in between--no encryption, but it's in pseudo-
> >usable PDF format.
> Napster.

King discusses this issue in an interview he did. His purpose with this is to
'reeducate the current generation that thinks everything in the store is for
free to understand that talent costs money'. Serializing the story is a good way
to go about doing this. According to the news, of the 34,000 people who have
downloaded so far, about 75% have already paid by credit card, and they don't
know how many people are using the method for paying by mail yet. I don't think
$25,000.00 on a first day's sales is so bad, eh?


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