Re: SOC/BIO: Anti-GM Activists at ICAG Conference inMinneapolis

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Jul 22 2000 - 22:37:06 MDT

> On Sat, 22 Jul 2000, Spike Jones wrote:
> > It occurred to me there is a minority we havent heard from: the pro-GM
> > greens. This is not at all a contradiction in terms, for the line of reasoning
> Alex Future Bokov wrote: If you know of any, please direct them to my position
> paper (which, due to
> the bizzare Curse of Crit is getting ignored like every single other
> Crit-ed document I've ever released... almost like Crit displays a big
> "You do not see the Fnords" sign to every web browser but mine...).

Alex, since I dont mind humiliating myself on a public forum, I will
admit I just now figured out what crit is and what it does. {8^D

Please what was the link to the scriptures crit you wrote? Being
an atheist with formal training in Old Testament, I might be more
useful there than on the topic of GM. Speaking of which, Bonnie
is kind of a pro-GM green, right? Or did I misread her
comments? Or, lets see, Anders, isnt he sorta green friendly
and simultaneously pro-tech and pro-GM?

And now that Im on the topic of greens, would not the greens
help elect W? My reasoning is that the greens would vote for...
whats that cat's name? Ralph Nader? and every vote for Ralph
would be a vote that would have otherwise gone for algore, so
a vote for Ralph is half a vote for Junior?

Please if this post makes little sense I hurt my back this afternoon
working on a motorcycle and im on double pain medications and
Im loopier than a box of cheerios.

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