Re: GAMES: Historical truths [was Re: The games are all crap...]

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Jul 22 2000 - 22:20:34 MDT

> "Robert J. Bradbury" wrote: -- in contrast the
> 1970's games had *no* graphics -- you had to map the game entirely
> in your head.

70s games? They were still like that in the early 80s too, as far as
we knew of. Did you guys ever play mansion? There were plenty
of others like it. The various dungeons and dragons games, thats
what we thought computers were for. {8^D

> I wonder if there are two types of people -- those
> who can create mental images reflecting a reality and those who
> require the images to be painted for them...

Ja I never got into the graphics games as much really. The
text based games, a lot of them had some really cool
unstated sexual undercurrent that I dont thing translated
well into graphics.

For instance, in mansion there was a narrow passage thru which
one needed to pass, but could not unless one dropped ones clothes.
Thereafter, it was not at all straightforward how to get back to
retrieve the clothing, so one was nekkid until one could find
the star trek transporter. Wherever one went in the mansion,
people would laugh at you. The butler, the maid, the dog,
everybody. {8^D It was a hoot. spike

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