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>I still am wondering where is the precedent that all government employees are
>employess of the people, so that any person has the right to view government
>employees' e-mail as their employer.

In Florida, there exists what is called the "Sunshine Law" (We're so witty.
Ha. Ha. Ha.)

It basically grants the public access to any electronic or paper records,
(as well as meetings) that don't specifically include confidential
information about private citizens.


>Gina Miller wrote:
> > I saw on the boob tube tonight an MSNBC program that aired an FBI man and a
> > reporter discussing a new software program called 'Carnivore' (meaning it
> > can get to the meat) that the FBI plans to activate.
> > If this is to take effect, the software is distributed to the server on
> > which our email is located, then it with a general eye scans all the email
> > of every client (from who, to who, subject line) , it can also be told to
> > search for specific words within the body of emails, and hunt them out. The
> > claim is, that it is to locate emails about hacking and other criminal
> > activity. I think there would be some trickle down effect for corporate
> > interest as well. Survey results exposed on the show, explains that
> > corporations do a high level of saving 'at work emails' and 'employee's
> > computer data' as it is. My problem with this digital wiretap, is that it
> > will be 'spying' on innocent people as well and infringing on their
> privacy,
> > and the context at which diction is used, may be misconstrued.
> > After the program aired, I searched the MSNBC site on the net and found a
> > url
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