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July 24, 2000
Republican Leaders Oppose FBI's Carnivores

GOP officials are publicly attacking the Clinton administration's attempt to
police the internet with the roll out of their email based sniffer,
Carnivore. Their objections lie within the fact that the sniffer must sift
through the communications of millions of innocent people to obtain the
information provided for in the wiretap order. Carnivore has been compared
to a "trunk-side" wiretap, an illegal procedure where all communications
running through central offices are monitored to find calls related to a
single suspect. Congress rejected their use because they inherently monitor
innocent communications while the tap is in place.
House Majority Leader Richard K. Armey, R-Texas stated that "Nobody can
dispute the fact that this is not legal... within the context of any current
wiretap law." He also spoke of the psychological damage to US citizens as a
result of Carnivore, indicating that "there is an erosion of trust in the
government." Full story available at Newsbytes

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