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>John M Grigg wrote:
>> Mike Lorrey wrote:
<<Loads of interesting stuff, but I had to snip it:(>>

>I've heard such accusations, coming from the British press, or from
>British writers in the American press. I'm not surprised. I'm sure
>Cornwallis reported that his men acted honorably, just as our own
>generals claimed the same for our men in Vietnam. I'm sure its rather
>embarassing for British people to see the misdeeds of their forebears
>writ large on the big screen. Denial does wonders to sooth the nerves.

It's important to understand that this happens very often when movies are
released about what the British call "controversial" topics. "Braveheart"
springs to mind, but esp. for "Michael Collins" and "In the name of the
Father". When such films show outrages committed by British forces or
whatever, the usual cry of "inaccuracies" goes up, along with
"oversimplificaton" etc... By their nature, the British (and the British
press in particular) don't like their past misdeeds shown back to them.
"Keeping up appearances" is very important to them.

Look at N.Ireland. If it were another country with such civil strife where
the Govt. was ineffective, they'd send in a UN peacekeeping force. But
they couldn't be seen have lost control, even though they never really had
it. Unionism was running the show.

The next film I want to see is MI2, after that I'm easy.



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