Re: games reflecting life

From: john grigg (
Date: Tue Jul 18 2000 - 16:33:15 MDT

Warcraft and Starcraft are two world conquering games I've gotten into, but
seem to remain a hopeless neophyte compared to others, despite many hours
and days oftime wasted playing. I stupidly logged onto battlenet to try my
hand against others at Warcraft and promptly got my ass handed to me several

I feel your pain!! I tend now to only play checkers online! :) At least I
do win sometimes.

I have read that Starcraft is hugely popular in South Korea where they have
heated tournaments. Their national champion has the nickname "fingers of
God!" The U.S. grand champion who went there was washed up by the early

Blizzard games rented a huge stadium there and paid back the loyal customer
base by having actors in costumes re-enact battles between humans, zerg, and
protoss. The crowd went absolutely insane and continuously cheered as the
act continued.

Young South Korean women are reported to be getting lonely because the guys
are playing games and not socializing in the chat rooms! In Korean
cyberspace there are several women for every guy!

best wishes,

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