Re: SV: Makign money as a creative (was) Napster: thoughts and

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 12:38:12 MDT

Jason Joel Thompson wrote:
> > The premium value of advertising during the broadcasting the superbowl
> > live is around $2 million a minute, while normal ad rates run about
> > $50,000.00 per minute. Therefore, the value of advertising solely due to
> > the event being an original broadcast, with that audience size, is $1.95
> > milllion per minute. Any later rebroadcast of the superbowl would not be
> > able to command such a premium above the standard broadcast rates, so
> > your protest is itself *garbage*.
> Actually, my protest can't be relegated to the trash compactor just yet...
> the property of "timeliness" that you're leveraging for cash above is not
> protected either. I can simultaneously re-broadcast your transmission over
> my network. If it's legal to do so, I'll find very good ways to do it-- the
> money, as you've pointed out, is huge. And think of all the people I don't
> have to pay! Camera girls, sound guys, the commentary dudes, the owners,
> the players...
> Listen, the fact of the matter is that technology can overcome any arbitrary
> "barrier to entry" that you might like to erect. Including timely
> transmission, or whatever other attribute you'd like to try to use to make
> your intellectual property valuable.

If the broadcast is over a cable channel, where all subscribers have signed
contracts to not re-use data, then copyright is irrelevant AND the property
value of timliness is retained.
Then what will happen is if you try to broadcast in violation of contract, your
packets can also be jammed, and you can then be sued via the PPL network.

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