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From: Emlyn (onetel) (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 00:54:15 MDT

I don't even have that story; what was the claim?


I'm a bit dismayed to find that more and more of my collegues don't drink coffee, especially the young'uns. At the last office job I had, the IT department's coffee percolator was broken; no one cared. The place was a bit of a shambles, needless to say.

A coder is a biological machine which converts caffeine into code. If the first upload is a coder, a fun thing to do would be to stimulate the simulated receptors which would react to caffeine in a bio human. Then run for the hills.

I have seen some coders trying to get by on Coke. Air is not a source of oxygen if you are a fish, and Coke is not a source of caffeine if you are a coder. Sysadmins drink Coke. Coders drinking Coke is like vampires feeding from animal blood. Just kind of disgusting.

I am reminded of the famous equation, was it Dijkstra? You know, Program = Coder + Coffee. I've just recently realised the corollary to this; Good Program = Good Coder + Good Coffee. Of course there's some room to move, you can do Good Program = Crap Coder + Blue Mountain, or Good Program = Code God + instant (although you've gotta watch the subsequent rise in an already monumental hourly rate which will follow).

What's my point? I don't know, I'll go get coffee and see if that helps.


> Actually, I think one of the most outrageous claims I've heard with regard > to software development was made with regard to personal coding rate by > Carl Feynman at Extro3. Anyone else have good stories? > > Robert > >

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