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Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 00:38:10 MDT

Paul Hughes said:

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> I just read this article by Robert X. Cringley:

What an appropriate name.

> Original Article:

> But I have my own theory about Carnivore. From a network
> architecture standpoint, the best location for Carnivore is right after
> the ISP's router. This puts Carnivore in the path of every packet
> entering or leaving the ISP. It's also a major reason why ISPs might
> not want to install Carnivore boxes -- it's the network's point of
> greatest vulnerability. In this position, Carnivore can act as a
> listening and recording device, OR IT CAN ACT AS A SWITCH. If
> we ever hear a proposal from the FBI in which it plans to install
> Carnivores at all 6000 ISPs in the U.S., we'll be giving the
> government the power to do something it can't do right now.

> Shut the Internet down.

For the approximately ten minutes it will take ISP owners to figure
out what happened, and disconnect the box.


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