Re: psi as a boundary breaking possibility

From: scerir (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 13:38:21 MDT

CYMM wrote:
I see it [PSI] as possibly a consequence of quantum nonlocality; and
emergent wavefunctions (QWFs) of complex adaptive systems.
Such systems may generate QWFs coupled to an emergent system potential.
In such a system the Born Rule might fail; allowing failure of Eberhard's
Theorem and bona-fide instantaneous transfer of information.
If a "conscious" mind is a quantum mechanical process (e.g, controlled
periodic decoherence in time of a macroscopic QWF representing the
computational properties of a complex enough neural net...); then mind & PSI
can fit into the quantum scenario.

Matti Pitkanen is working on that, I suppose. His site is
Are vector-potentials (the Bohm-Aharonov nonlocal effect) relevant?

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