Re: psi as a boundary breaking possibility

From: CYMM (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 03:59:14 MDT

I'm interested in PSI.

I see it as possibly a consequence of quantum nonlocality; and emergent
wavefunctions (QWFs) of complex adaptive systems. Such systems may generate
QWFs coupled to an emergent system potential.

In such a system the Born Rule might fail; allowing failure of Eberhard's
Theorem and bona-fide instantaneous transfer of information.

If a "conscious" mind is a quantum mechanical process (e.g, controlled
periodic decoherence in time of a macroscopic QWF representing the
computational properties of a complex enough neural net...); then mind & PSI
can fit into the quantum scenario.

The only problem with PSI (and extropianism; and transhumanism; and LE...)
is that there is currently lots of room for people who do not wish to engage
in scientific inquiry... but instead seek sensationalism; pseudoreligion; or

This should not deter the genuinely curious.


>Don't hit me! There might be something very weird and very interesting in
>I'd like some considered comments on this site and these instances of
>claims of paranormal perception achieved by a specific practical protocol
>(remote viewing), developed for the formerly classified STARGATE project.
>Free-floating condemnation from anyone who can't be bothered actually
>checking out the site for a quick look (by either conventional
>mouse-clicking or paranormal means, I don't care) will be taken *really
>really seriously*.
>Damien Broderick

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